Vector V12S, Lumino Lighting

Vector V12S

Interior or exterior, surface-mounted, compact linear lighting profile.

12mm wide with ColorCORE® 2-STEP SDCM LED producing High CRI up to CRI 95Ra and TM30 values of up to 92Rf and 100Rg.ColorCORE® CCTs from 2200K to 4000K and RGB colour-change version.OPX™ diffuser and 8mm LED pitch provides almost homogeneous diffusion.

Ideally suited to surface mounted application including under-shelf, cabinetry or display-unit applications.Length increments of 50mm (2in) up to 2005mm (6ft 7in) and CLICK-CONNECT™ PowerTHRU for long runs up to 16m (52ft) in 6w/m.Output up to 1300lm/m (400lm/ft) excluding LOR.

Dimmable 0-10v/DALI/TRIAC 24VDC drivers.

Product Features

  • ColorCORE®
  • ≤ 1300 lumens / m
  • ≤ 12 w / m
  • ≤ 95Ra CRI
  • ≤ 92Rf 100Rg TM30
  • 2200K - 4000K
  • IP50 / IP67

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