Lumino's Five Year Limited Warranty is available at no additional cost subject to registration and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions for the following products:

  • alphaHELIX
  • Accent A12E
  • Vector V10S
  • Vector V12S
  • Vector V20S (excluding KIT)
  • Vector V36S
  • Vector V36R
  • Vector V36I
  • Steorra Downlight
  • E50 Light Engine
  • SolidEdge Profile
  • SolidEdge Spotlight 

Products not listed above cannot be registered for the Five Year Warranty. Warranty registration must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods using the on-line form link below. Warranty registrations will not be accepted after the 30 day registration period.

Products not registered in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and/or not included in the list of products shown here are subject to our standard 1 year limited warranty. Warranty claims for module component parts such as VectorFLEX cannot be accepted after the part has been installed into a mounting channel or onto a mounting surface and/or after the self-adhesive tape has been adhered. 

If you require any assistance with warranty registration call +44(0)1279 635411.

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